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Modern Ladakh Anthropological Perspectives on Continuity and Change di M. Van Beek (a cura di), F. Pirie (a cura di)

 In breve: Arguing for the need to situate Ladakh in a South Asian context, albeit not neglecting its ties with Tibet, this volume brings together empirical studies from the region to analyse the change and continuity resulting from colonialism, independence and modernisation.

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Amdo Tibetans in Transition Society and Culture in the Post-Mao Era di Huber Toni

 In breve: This book investigates Tibetan recovery from the devastation of High Socialism and a new engagement with attempts to modernize the region in the era of 'reform and opening' in post-Mao China. A unique introduction to contemporary life and attitudes in north-eastern Tibet, invaluable for understanding modern Tibetan life in China today, how it developed, and what it is rapidly becoming.

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