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The great railway bazaar By Train Through Asia di Theroux Paul

 In breve: Theroux's epigrams, beginning his text and along the way, express his hope that his journey would be guidance for anyone else attempting such a trip.

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Imperial Way By rail from Peshawar to Chittagong di Theroux Paul ; McCurry Steve

 In breve: In 82 attention-holding illustrations, McCurry shows people, stations and landscapes that he and Theroux saw while traveling in a succession of 11 trains from northwestern Pakistan, through northern India, to the southeastern corner of Bangladesh, with side trips to Simla and Darjeeling.

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Journey in Ladakh (A) Encounters with Buddhism di Harvey Andrew

 In breve: Far in the north of India are the mountains of Ladakh. Cut off by snow for six months of the year, Ladakh is where the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism is practiced, with meditations that date back to 300 years before the birth of Christ. Harvey traveled the arduous road to Ladakh in search of the old Tibetan traditions.

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The Hungry Tide di Ghosh Amitav

 In breve: Between the sea and the plains of Bengal, on the easternmost coast of India, lies an immense archipelago of islands. Some are vast and some no larger than sandbars; some are vast and some no larger than sandbars; some have lasted through recorded history while others have just washed into being.

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