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Caravans of the Himalaya di Valli Eric, Summers Diane

 In breve: The two authors met aboard a bus in Nepal twenty years ago and have made their home their since then, learning the language, traveling extensively, and making a living by photographing and recording threatened traditional cultures. Their intimate narrative accompanies splendid full-page color photos.

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The Big Open On Foot Across Tibert's Chang Tang di Ridgeway Rick ; Rowell Galen A.

 In breve: Adventure writer Ridgeway (The Shadow of Kilimanjaro) crafts an urgent, poetic narrative as he guides readers across Tibetís barren and treacherous northern plateau in search of the calving grounds of the chiru, an endangered antelope. Along with his three companions-late nature photographer Galen Rowell, Conrad Anker, who wrote the foreword, and Jimmy Chin-the seasoned mountaineer traces the female chiruís 200-mile migration route.

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