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Birds and Mammals of Ladakh di Pfister Otto

 In breve: Ladakh in the northwestern trans-Himalayan reagion is a land of rich biodiversity. It has remained closed to visitors for many years. Yet, during recent years, tourism has 'discovered' the land of scenic landscapes, unspoiled nature, and hospitable people. This book is a complete inventory of all bird and mammal species in the Ladakh region.

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Crusader Castles di Lawrence T. E.

 In breve: This volume reproduces Lawrence's text, drawings, and photographs; provides a new introduction, critical notes, and index; and reassesses in light of recent scholarship Lawrence's controversial claim that Crusader castles of the 12th century owed more to castles in the West than to anything the Franks found in the East, and that western military architecture absorbed little or nothing from the Orient before the 12th century.

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