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Peaks and lamas A Classic Book on Mountaineering, Buddhism and Tibet di Pallis Marco

 In breve: Poetico. Marco Pallis descrive una tangka di fattura squisita posta negli appartamenti dell’abate di Likir. Raffigurava Öpame, il rosso Buddha della luce infinita, assiso fra ghirlande e frutta come in “un dipinto di Crivelli" Pallis, 1939, p. 266.

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A Buddhist Spectrum Contributions to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue di Pallis Marco

 In breve: Attempts to deal with a number of important Buddhist themes showing the inter-relation between them all. The contents include: Living One's Karma; the Marriage of Wisdom and Method; Is There a Problem of Evil? Is There Room for Grace in Buddhism? Considerations on the Tantric Alchemy; Nembutsu as Remembrance; Dharma and the Dharmas; Metaphysics of Musical Polyphony; Anatta; and Archetypes, as Seen Through Buddhist Eyes.

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The Way and the Mountain Tibet, Buddhism, and Tradition di Pallis Marco

 In breve: The Way and the Mountain is Marco Pallis' second book on his journey, both physical and spiritual, to the towering peaks of the Himalayas, this time to Tibet itself after WWII. Pallis was able to experience first-hand the cultural and spiritual ways of the Tibetan people just before the country's situation changed forever.

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