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Into the High Ranges The Penguin Book of Mountain Writings di Agarhwal Ravina

 In breve: Cold and forbidding to some. A comfort and solace to others. India’s mountainscapes are a testimony to the endurance of the human spirit. From the Himalayas in the north to the Nilgiris in the south, there exist a diverse range of physical, cultural, and aesthetic lifestyles. Into the High Ranges brings together essays and creative works by some of India’s best-known contemporary writers as well as fresh writings by other authors whose imaginations have been fired by these high reaches. Covering a broad spectrum of themes that delve into literature, history, culture and politics, these narratives present an intimate view that differs from stereotypical musings on mountains.

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The Book of Devi di Sharma Bulbul

 In breve: Devi, Mother and Protector of the World, is one of the most loved figures of Hindu iconography. Her essence encompasses the ferocity of Durga, the compassion of Lakhsmi, the erudition of Saraswati and the terrible thirst for battle of Kalika, In her various incarnations Devi is warrior, mother, faithful wife and the fount of knowledge, delivering all that her devotees ask of her.

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