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Caravans of the Himalaya di Valli Eric, Summers Diane

 In breve: The two authors met aboard a bus in Nepal twenty years ago and have made their home their since then, learning the language, traveling extensively, and making a living by photographing and recording threatened traditional cultures. Their intimate narrative accompanies splendid full-page color photos.

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Dolpo, hidden Land of Himalaya di Valli Eric, Summers Diane

 In breve: Il primo di Valli. Stupendo. L'ho usato per capire il percorso da affrontare nel 1995.

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Les voyageurs du sel di Valli Eric, Summers Diane

 In breve: Les Dolpo-pa, tribu du cœur de l’Himâlaya, vivent essentiellement du négoce du sel, qu’ils acheminent chaque année sur le milliers de yacks pour l’échanger, moyennant d’âpres négociations, contre le grain produit dans la vallée de Rimi.

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Honey Hunters of Nepal di Valli Eric, Summers Diane

 In breve: Exquisite color photos of a highly refined hunter-gatherer pursuit. Depicts honey gathering from cliffs within the jungles at the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal. Many of these photos appeared in the Nov. 1988 issue of the National Geographic Society Magazine. zione

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