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Through a Sherpa Window
Lhakpa Norbu Sherpa

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Vajra Publications


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Through a Sherpa Window

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Through a Sherpa Window  

The Sherpa are Tibeto-Burman people from the Nepal Himalayas, best known for their skill in mountaineering and as guides and porters. This excellent and informative book gives a thorough guide to Sherpa culture and their way of life. Despite the difficulties of life in their harsh mountainess environment,
Sherpas have earned a reputation as reliable, loyal, and honest workers. The culture of the Sherpa people is recognized for its conversation ethics and sense of environmental responsibility. Although the traditional homes are located at forbidding altitudes, they have managed to make these highlands relatively safe and prosperous places to live. These successful adaptations are not purely because of luck or hard work. There are Sherpa values, ethics, and way of thinking that have an influence. This illustrated, easy reference book introduces the reader to the history, culture, spirituality and environment that shape Sherpa culture. Although this book is written from a Sherpa perpspective to increase cultural appreciation among younger Sherpa, other members of the Tibeto-Burman communities across the Nepal Himalaya will find surprising similarities and differences that are equally interesting.

It will also be of interest to other readers who are interested in the indigenous culture and traditions of the Himalaya. Includes names in Tibetan language and phonetics alongside English translation of items entered.