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A Carpet Ride to Khiva Seven Years on the Silk Road di Aslan Alexander Christopher

 In breve: Featuring a large green parrot, a ginger cat and the author's adoptive Uzbek family, this title recounts his efforts to rediscover the lost art of traditional weaving and dyeing, and the process establishing a self-sufficient carpet workshop, employing local women and disabled people to train as apprentices.

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Unravelling the Silk Road: Travels and Textiles in Central Asia di Aslan Alexander Christopher

 In breve: Three textile roads tangle their way through Central Asia. The famous Silk Road united east and west through trade. Older still was the Wool Road, of critical importance when houses made from wool enabled nomads to traverse the inhospitable winter steppes. Then there was the Cotton Road, marked by greed, colonialism and environmental disaster.

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