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La lingua italiana per stranieri Corso elementare ed intermedio di Katerinov Katerin; Boriosi Katerinov M. Clotilde

 In breve: Consigliato

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Mortal Attractions A Simpleton's Odyssey di Prakash Gurung

 In breve: "Prakash Gurung's debut novel marks a new era... breathtaking intensity and variety"

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The Guru of Love di Upadhyay Samrat

 In breve: "The Guru of Love" is the engrossing story of a fevered love triangle set in contemporary Nepal. From the acclaimed author of the story collection "Arresting God in Kathmandu," Upadhyay's first novel introduces readers to Ramchandra, an adulterous husband and father whose double lives disastrously converge.

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The Land of the Lamas Notes of a Journey Through China, Mongolla and Tibet di Rockhill Woodville William

 In breve: "The present book give the results obtained during a journey of several thousands miles through a very imperfectly known portion of the Chinese Empire. The aim of the author was to supply facts concerning the country, of an historical, geographical, and ethnographical nature and not to attempt to turn out a well-finished bit of literary work."

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