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Stones of silence Journeys in the Himalaya di Schaller George B.

 In breve: Scritto da GS, cooprotagonista del "Leopardo delle nevi", l'altra versione di quel viaggio.
"A field biologist of international eminence, [Schaller] describes his sorties into eleven different but equally remote and hazardous sites in the mountain wilderness of Pakistan, India,and Nepal... High adventure, absorbing science." --New Yorker

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Tibet's Hidden Wilderness Wildlife and Nomads of the Chang Tang Reserve di Schaller George B.

 In breve: In 1988, Schaller became the first Westerner permitted to explore the Chang Tang. Largely because of his work and the work of his colleagues, the Chinese government has set aside more than 125,000 square miles of this high-altitude terrain as a reserve the second largest in the world.

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