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Mountaineering in Patagonia

Kearthey Alan

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Mountaineering in Patagonia

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Mountaineering in Patagonia

Mountaineering in Patagonia  

Presents a thorough history of some of the most dramatic ascents of several peaksThe author is an accomplished climber, writer and photographerSheer rock faces, unmatched for size and challenge, have irresistibly drawn the world's finest climbers to Patagonia. Here they have played out some of the most dramatic ascents, and retreats, in the history of the sport.The author has combined a thorough history of the ascents of the major peaks with forceful accounts of his own climbs on these same peaks. From his pictures and personal experiences, we gain an intimate sense of these fabulous mountains. And from the history, we too can visualize the great events, the storms, the bivouacs, the inevitable tragedies, the human drama which has unfolded and continues to unfold˝among these mountains.