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Nomads of Namibia

Jacobsohn Margaret ; Pickford Peter , Pickford Beverly

Editeur - Casa editrice

New Holland Publishers, Ltd.

Africa del Sud

Anno - Date de Parution


Pagine - Pages


Titolo originale

Himba: Nomads of Namibia

Lingua originale

Lingua - language - langue


Edizione - Collana

Struik ( a south african division of New Holland)

Ristampa - Réédition - Reprint

Struik 1998 (United States) - order this book
Himba: Nomads of Namibia

Himba Himba  

Author Margaret Jacobsohn spent two years among Himba communities, working towards a doctorate in ethno-archaeology and is well equipped to tell their unique story. Photographers Peter and Beverly Pickford are both concerned conservationists. In Himba: Nomads of Namibia their inspired photography captures a fascinating and truthful Himba way of life. Jacobsohn's text combines spellbinding stories and real events, documenting a resilient group of people confronted by drought and war. The Himba are semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in Kaokoland in the remote north-western corner of Namibia. Their world is harsh, dry and starkly beautiful, sandwiched between the Namib Desert's forbidding Skeleton Coast and the former conflicts between South Africa and SWAPO. Today these people are under threat as never before. In the early 1980's the worst drought in living memory killed more than 130,000 head of cattle in Kaokoland - two thirds of the stock. Now a 350-km dam is planned, to be located on the Namibian-Angolan border's Kunene River. If plans go ahead, the dam will flood ancestral Himba graves and impact seriously on Himba socio-economy