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Treks and climbs in Wadi Rum Jordan

Howard Tony

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Cicerone Press

Medio Oriente
Wadi Rum

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Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan

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2000 (United States) - order this book
Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Treks and climbs in Wadi Rum Jordan  

Utile per decidere un programma e comprendere quale itinerario ti propongono
le guide e le agenzie. È la versione aggiornata del primo
manualetto scritto nel 1993 dall'autore Tony Howard Walks & scrambles in Wadi Rum
A selection of traditional Bedouin routes through the deserts and mountains of Rum and to the summit of Jordan's highest mountain
, e da me usata per scrivere il programma di Avventure nel Mondo Wadi Rum Trek.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):

Wadi Rum is tucked away in the south of Jordan, close to the Red Sea port of Aqaba, remote and splendid in both landscape and culture, yet only a five-hour flight and a short onward journey from Europe.

Here are detailed descriptions and 'topos' of all the known routes to date, from short walks, camel treks and 4-WD journeys through sports climbs and major 'big walls' of the highest technical difficulty.

Additionally the author gives information on sites of antiquity, flora and fauna and life with the Bedouin. It is their roguish humour and warm hospitality as much as the magnificence of these deserts and mountains that make a visit to Rum a unique experience. This book tells you everything you need to know.

It is a remote and spectacular landscape, offering unlimited rock for the pioneer, as well as many superb existing routes of all grades of difficulty, while the desert and numerous "siqs" or canyons offer a wilderness experience not to be found anywhere else in the world. The wealth of experience is further increased by the Bedouin whose homeland this is, and by the variety of wildlife to be found in the area. It is hoped that this book will allow others to savor the solitude and mystical magic of these deserts and mountains.
I bought the first edition in 1994 when we travelled in Wadi Rum with our baby of 4 month. It's was an helpfull companion.