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Lonely Planet Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea

Perusse Yvon

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Lonely Planet

Papua New Guinea

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Lonely Planet Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea

Lonely Planet Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea  

Papua New Guinea is one of those destinations so far off the beaten path that good guidebooks for the region are few and far between. Trust Lonely Planet, however, to rectify that situation. In Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea, author Yvon PÚrusse introduces you to this remote and rugged land. Because roads are a rarity in Papua New Guinea, walking is often the only way to get from one place to another; it's also a great way to really see the country, meet the people, and open yourself to myriad experiences often missed by those in cars.
There are 10 main walks detailed in Bushwalking in Papua New Guinea, plus many other suggested walks and some variations on the primary ones. They vary in length, difficulty, landscape, and culture, ranging from a fairly easy three-day stroll along the coast of Milne Bay to a strenuous six-day trek through the Owen Stanley mountain range. Maps, notes, and practical information are included in each chapter, and color photographs throughout the book provide plenty of inspiration to follow in PÚrusse's footsteps.