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The marsh arabs

Thesiger Wilfred

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Penguin Travel


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The marsh arabs

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Collins (17 juin 1985) (France) -  commandez ce livre
The marsh arabs

The marsh arabs The marsh arabs  

Wilfred Thesiger's classic account of the eight years he spent living with the tribespeople of the Marshes of Iraq. First published in 1964 to great acclaim, this book by one of the century's greatest explorers describes a way of life which lasted for thousands of years, but has now all but vanished. Travelling with his medicine boxes and his teams of canoemen around the junction between the Tigris and the Euphrates, Thesiger visited nearly every village in the Central Marshes and came to know intimately the people who inhabit this landscape of islands, lakes and waterways, living with them in their reed houses and sharing their unique way of life. He beautifully evokes the landscape and its teeming wildlife and vividly brings to life the many friends he made among the Marsh Arabs. His extraordinary photographs provide a stunning record of the last remnants of a people and their culture.



Thesiger Wilfred

Wilfred Thesiger nacque ad Addis Abeba nel 1910 e studiò a Eton e Oxford. Nel 1935 fece parte del Sudan Political Service e quando scoppiò la guerra venne distaccato alla Sudan Defence Force. Dopo la guerra viaggiò nel Kurdistan, nel sud dell`Irak, in Marocco, in Africa centrale e orientale. Tra le sue opere ricordiamo Sabbie arabe (Neri Pozza 2002), Desert, Marsh and Mountain: The World of a Nomad, The Life of my Choice e Visions of a Nomad.

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