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Ancient Angkor

Freeman Michael ; Jacques Claude

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Ancient Angkor

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Ancient Angkor  

The Khmer civilization centred on Angkor was one of the most remarkable to flourish in Southeast Asia. Between the 8th and the 13th centuries, a succession of Hindu and Buddhist kings created magnificent temples in stone. Their elaborate carvings and intricate architecture amazed the first Europeans who visited in the 19th century and continue to fascinate today, when after many years of political turmoil, Angkor is once again accessible.
The renowned French scholar Claude Jacques has studied Angkor and its history for the past 30 years, while Michael Freeman has made many photographic trips there during a 15-year period; Ancient Angkor embodies the fruits of their collaboration and includes the results of new research and discoveries made during recent excavations. Detailed plans and descriptions unravel the complex reliefs of Angkor Wat and the Bayon, while small but interesting temples not covered in other books are also described. Grouping the temples into easy-to-visit itineraries, and with useful hotel and travel information, Ancient Angkor will serve both as a history of the temples in its own right and an invaluable companion guide.


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Ottima guida con immagini che aiutano a riconoscere i monumenti.

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Indice e argomenti trattati
Introduction 6
The Khmer Civilisation

History 8
Khmer Rulers 12
Religion 14
Khmer Temples 22
Building Techniques 26
Architectural Styles 30
Lintel Styles 32
Daily Life 36
Inscriptions 38
Discovery & Restoration 40
Central Angkor 44
Angkor Wat 46
Ta Prohm Kel 68
Bakheng 69
Baksei Chamkrong 72
Prasat Bei 73
Thma Bay Kaek 73
Angkor Thom 74
Bayon 78
Bapuon 102
Elephant Terrace 106
Leper King Terrace 109
Phimeanakas & The Royal Palace 110
Tep Pranam 114
Preah Palilay 115
Preah Pithu 117
Suor Prat Towers 119
Mangalartha 120
The Khleangs 121
Eastern Angkor 122
Thommanon 124
Chao Say Tevoda 128
Spean Thma 130
Ta Nei 131
Hospital Chapel 132
Ta Keo 133
Ta Prohm 136
Kutisvara 146
Banteay Kdei 147
Srah Srang 151
Prasat Kravan 152
Bat Chum 155
The East Baray 156
Pre Rup 158
East Mebon 161
Bantaey Samre 164
Northeastern Angkor 168
Preah Khan 170
Neak Pean 178
Krol Ko 181
Ta Som 182
The West Baray 186
West Mebon 188
Ak Yum 189
Phnom Krom 190
Roluos 192
Preah Ko 194
Bakong 198
Lolei 202
Banteay Srei & Beyond 206
Kbal Spean 216
Beng Mealea 220
Practicalities 224
Suggested Itineraries 226
Where to See 228
Temples Ranked by Interest 229
The Great Views of Angkor 230
Accommodation 231
Architectural Terms 232
Glossary & Further Reading 233
Index 237