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Oracles and Demons of Tibet

the cult and iconography of the tibetan protective Deities

De Nebesky-Wojkowitz Rene



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Oracles and Demons of Tibet, the cult and iconography of the tibetan protective Deities

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Book of Faith (India)

Oracles and Demons of Tibet Oracles and Demons of Tibet  

A detailed study of the cult of Dharma protectors and oracles, with a discussion of their position within Tibetan Buddhism.

This important group of deities, some considered enlightened beings and others still on a worldly level, are known as dharmapalas or protectors of the Buddhist religion. They are invoked to preserve the integrity of the teachings and perform tasks. Some were originally non-Buddhist deities who were subdued and bound by oath to protect the doctrine.

The valuable information presented in this book was obtained first hand by the author from various sources and teachers including the Nyingma Lama Chime Rigdzin Rinpoche and the Gelugpa Lama Dhardo Rinpoche. The voluminous text is amply supported by Tibetan blockprints, sketches, pictures and a large number of rare photographs and drawings. The subject matter includes the classification, iconography, appearance and attributes of the protector deities, including the supramundane such as Palden Lhamo, and the mundane; plus mountain and local protector deities, sacrificial objects and offerings, tormas, thread crosses, weathermaking, divination, and Tibetan oracles and their prophetic trances.