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Russia from the Urals to Lake Baikal

1:2.000.000 (4ed)


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Reise Know-How Verlag

Asia Centrale

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Russia from the Urals to Lake Baikal

Russia from the Urals to Lake Baikal  

Buona, ma inutile come tutte le carte su larga scala.
Edition statement: 4. revised edition 2019
Mapscale: 1:2000000
Unfolded height: 70cm
Unfolded width: 100cm
Misc: Format: 70x100 cm, double-sided, printed on waterproof and rip-proof material, detachable paper sleeve
Reise Know-How maps (world mapping project series) are easy-to-read, waterproof and highly durable travel maps specifically designed for everyday use on the road.

Our maps combine state-of-the-art, GPS-compatible cartography (including hypsometric tints and contour lines) with a detailed rendering of road networks and touristic information. They offer the best possible scale, level of detail and readability, be it a map of a small island or half a continent.

The maps feature a detachable paper sleeve so that the maps can be folded easily and fit in every pocket. Although printed on plastic, a special coating makes sure the maps retain a paper-like feel and can even be written on with a pencil.