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Antiquities of Indian Tibet Vol. I: Personal Narrative Of A Journey In 1910 From Simla To Srinagar; Through Kinnaur, Spiti And Ladakh. For The Express Purpose Of Investigating The Buddhist Antiquities; Vol.Ii: The Chronicles Of Ladakh And Minor Chronicles. di Francke August Hermann

 In breve: I trekked on the author's footprints in july 2002, in the stages between Tso Moriri and Rupshu. Francke's personal narrative in two volumes with maps, 45 plates and 4 text illustrations was first published in 1914 and is an archaeological survey of the districts which once formed the kingdom of Western Tibet.

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History of Western Tibet (A) di Francke August Hermann

 In breve: 'A History of Western Tibet' is based on foreign and western Tibetan sources of information. The readers will find this work interesting which is the outcome of scholarly enterprise and research as much as of familiarity with the country and the people.

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Ladakh, the Mysterious Land di Francke August Hermann

 In breve: La storia del piccolo regno tibetano ci stata tramandata dalle La-dwangs r-Gyalrabs, delle quali esistono varie traduzioni in inglese, prima fra tutte quella di Karl Marx che servi da base per la traduzione di Francke, recentemente ristampata come Ladakh, the Mysterious Land, Cosmo Publ., New Delhi 1978

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