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Afghanistan The Land That Was di Michaud Roland, Michaud Sabrina, Velter André

 In breve: Once upon a time, before the Soviet invasion and two decades of civil war, Afghanistan stood as a beautiful, if austere, country. Enchanted by the dramatic landscape, two photographers from the West devoted 14 years, from 1964 to 1978, to documenting its rugged charms.

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The Orient in a Mirror di Michaud Roland, Michaud Sabrina

 In breve: Inspired by a series of journeys to the Middle East, photographers Roland and Sabrina Michaud offer striking testimony to the endurance of Islamic traditions with the Orient in a Mirror. Using the mirror as their motif, the Michauds pair traditional Islamic art miniatures, some of which date back several centuries, with their own photographs of the Islamic world, beautifully evoking a lasting civilization, rooted in faith and tradition. People and landscapes, souks and bazaars, beggars, children, and even warriors--the similarities of the faces, the lives and the land, nearly a thousand years apart, is uncanny.

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