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Globetrotter Road Atlas of Namibia di Oliver, Willie ; Oliver, Sandra

 In breve: L'ho usata in Namibia guidando un 4x4 su piste secondarie.

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Himba Nomads of Namibia di Jacobsohn Margaret ; Pickford Peter , Pickford Beverly

 In breve: Author Margaret Jacobsohn spent two years among Himba communities, working towards a doctorate in ethno-archaeology and is well equipped to tell their unique story. Photographers Peter and Beverly Pickford are both concerned conservationists.

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Namibia Travel Pack di Oliver Wille, Oliver Sandra

 In breve: The highly successful Globetrotter Travel series, which includes guides, maps and atlases, presently covers more than 80 destinations worldwide. The packs are excellent value, including both a guidebook and a softcover of the fold-out Globetrotter map of the region, in a printed plastic wallet.

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This is Namibia di Joyce Peter ; Cubitt Gerald

 In breve: Un ottimo ricordo dei luoghi visitati in Namibia nel 2005. Ricco di 205 foto a colori e 13 BN. Un'ottima strenna per chi vuole prepararsi al viaggio o vuole ricordarlo.

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