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Buddhist Sculpture in Clay Early Western Himalayan Art, Late 10th to Early 13th Centuries di Luczanits Christian

 In breve: Large-scale clay sculptures representing the main deities are characteristics of the earliest Tibetan Buddhist monuments and particularly of the monasteries and village-temples built - from the end of the 10th to the early 13th centuries in West Tibet and Ladakh.

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Early Temples of Central Tibet di Vitali Roberto

 In breve: Indimenticabile per l'accuratezza nella ricerca. Il libro di Vitali (che ha curato anche la parte artistica della guida di Victor Chan) è utile a chi vuole comprendere a fiondo elementi quali Tsulu o il grande Chorten Riwoche sul Brahamaputra.

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Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year di Richardson Hugh

 In breve: Starting with month-long ceremonies of the New Year, the reader is taken through the full chronological sequence of both secular and Buddhist rites which punctuated the Tibetan Year.

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Tibet in 1938-1939 Photographs from the Ernst Schäfer Expedition to Tibet di Engelhardt Isrun

 In breve: Laying dormant in the German Federal Archives in Koblenz are photographs from one of the most controversial expedition in recent history: the Ernst Schäfer expedition to Tibet in 1938-1939.

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Tibetan Histories A Bibliography of Tibetan-Language Historical Works di Martin Dan

 In breve: This bibliography, over ten years in the making and numbering over seven hundred items, attempts to provide for the first time a comprehensive listing in chronological sequence of Tibetan-language works belonging to the typical historical genres that have evolved between the 11th century and the present. Included are not only the dates and details of composition or publication, authorship and title, but also references to the burgeoning secondary literature in other languages.

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