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Peaks and passes of the Garwal Himalaya

Babicz Jan

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Alpinistyczny Klub Eksploracyjny/Sopot


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Peaks and passes of the Garwal Himalaya  

Strumento unico. Non so se ne Ŕ uscita una edizione aggiornata. Babicz ha prodotto un lavoro notevole ed utilissimo a chi si vuole avventurare in questa zona dell'Himalaya, affrontabile nel primo periodo estivo e spesso poco considerata per la relativa "scarsa altezza" delle vette.

Peaks and Passes of the Garhwal Himalaya. Jan Babicz. Alpinistyczny Klub Eksploracyjny, ul Armii Krajowej 12, Sopot, Poland, 1991. 246 pages, ridgeline maps, numerous drawings of peaks with routes marked, topos. Available postpaid from Jan Babicz, ul Grottgera 24/2, 80-311 Gdansk, Poland, $14.00 (US). (Better to send banknotes than a check.)

This very valuable book, written in English, begins with general information about Garhwal. Part two deals with the 7000-meter peaks of the region, including Nanda Devi, Trisul, Kamet, Mana, Chaukhamba, Satopanth and others. Part Three has data on the peaks of the western part of the Gangotri region, such as Thalay Sagar, Shivling, the Bhagirathi peaks and many others. These two sections give a detailed history, in most cases up to 1989, of the individual mountains, the routes by which they were climbed and by whom. There are skillful drawings of the peaks with the routes shown, plus topos of some routes, maps locating the mountains and other important information. The final section describes high treks.

This reviewer, who has made several expeditions in the region, finds the book accurate and a great reference tool. It should be consulted by anyone planning to visit the region. The author believes that the book will soon be available from Chessler in the United States and from Cordee in England, but it may be ordered directly from him.

H. Adams Carter (American Alpine Club)