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The People of Tibet

Bell Charles

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Munshirm Manoharlal Pub Pvt Ltd; Reprint edition (January 1, 2000)


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The People of Tibet

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The People of Tibet

The People of Tibet  

This book speaks about the life of the Tibetan people in their own homes. The account is based on the author's first-hand knowledge of Tibetan life during a residence of nearly twenty-five years, from conversation with his Tibetan acquaintances in their own language, and not through interpreters



Born in Calcutta, India. Joined Indian Civil Service 1891 and was posted to Bengal. Transferred to Darjeeling 1900. Appointed British Political Officer in Sikkim 1908, where he met Alexandra David-Neel and briefly became her landlord. Became very influential in politics in Bhutan and Sikkim. Met Dalai Lama XIII in 1910 when HH was forced to flee Chinese invaders and sought refuge in Sikkim. Became close friends and eventually wrote biography of Dalai Lama XIII. Clashed with Alexandra David-Neel some time after this, going so far as to ban her from entering Tibet (she did anyway) and punished her when he found out. Bell himself was frustrated at being initially banned from travel in Tibet further north than Gyantse, finally realizing his lifelong desire to visit Lhasa in November 1920. Retired to Oxford where he wrote authoritatively about Tibet. Described as being tall, fair-haired, easy-going and able to mingle freely with lots of different people with no trace of racism or superiority.