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Bayonets to Lhasa

Fleming Peter

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Bayonets to Lhasa

Bayonets to Lhasa  

Published in 1961, BAYONETS TO LHASA is the account of the 1904 British invasion of Tibet--one of the strangest events in British imperial history.
Conceived as a move in the Great Game which Russia and England had played for years in central Asia, the British incursion into Tibet was a shot in the dark. It was led by Colonel Francis Younghusband, soldier explorer and mystic.
But Younghusband was caught in political cross-fire and in the end not only failed to accomplish his mission as he conceived it, but was publicly censured.


Recensione in lingua italiana

Un classico, ma di scarsa reperibilitÓ. Oltretutto di un momento storico del tibet ormai lontano pi¨ di cento anni. Solo per storici.


Peter Fleming (1907 - 1974)

Brother of the more famous novelist Ian Fleming. As well as being a travel
writer, Peter actually worked for British Intelligence, and is thought to have
been the real life inspiration for his brother's famous creation, James Bond.

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