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Mali 2nd ed.

Velton Ross

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Bradt Travel Guides

Africa Occidentale

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Mali 2nd ed. Mali 2nd ed.  

Mali is one of the most exciting destinations in West Africa. At its heart is the River Niger which winds through vast areas of Sahelian landscape, linking the fabled city of Timbuktu with the capital, Bamako. Travelers can explore Dogon cliff villages, the famous mosque at Djenne and much more in a country enlivened by colorful markets and arguably the best music in Africa.
In Mali: The Bradt Travel Guide, author Ross Velton looks at every aspect of travel in this seldom-visited country, enabling the visitor to get right to the heart of a land whose people are some of the most amicable in Africa.
Inside you will find information on: planning and preparation, including health and safety; rail links, transport on the River Niger and other travel routes; where to stay and eat, with a guide to Malian food; ancient civilizations and culture, including the Tuareg and Dogon people; a comprehensive guide to Malian music; communicating in Bambara and French.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):

A second edition of the first English-language travel guide to Mali, full of practical information and cultural background for the independent traveler.