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Lonely Planet India

Noble John , Michael Benanav, Abigail Blasi, Brown Lindsay, Paul Harding

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Lonely Planet Publications


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Lonely Planet India

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Lonely Planet India (Italia) - ordina e ricevi questa pubblicazione
Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India  

Edizione originale in lingua inglese, prossima edizione 2022)
India doesn't even have to try: it will bowl you out with its head-reeling mix of cultures, its fast-swelling cities, its still-visible history and its thousands of different landscapes. Get on a train - the quintessential Indian experience - and chug your way past apple blossom and snowy peaks, fort-scattered deserts, tropical beaches and eerie salt plains.


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Remarkable, bewildering, totally irresistible ľ India offers a million different experiences, all at once, all the time. If you seek spiritual enlightenment, the thrill of scaling the mighty Himalaya, or the buzz of a modern hypermetropolis ľ or if you just want to lie on a tropical beach and count cows ľ discover the sensory overload that is India with this topselling guide.

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Noble John , Michael Benanav, Abigail Blasi, Lindsay Brown , Paul Harding