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Afghanistan Picture Show ovvero, come ho salvato il mondo

Vollmann William T.

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An Afghanistan Picture Show: Or, How I Saved the World

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An Afghanistan Picture Show: Or, How I Saved the World

Afghanistan Picture Show ovvero, come ho salvato il mondo Afghanistan Picture Show ovvero, come ho salvato il mondo  

Nel 1982, all'età di 22 anni, determinato a combattere i russi a fianco dei mujaheddin, l'autore, scrittore americano, è andato in Afghanistan. In questa autobiografia, egli descrive il ritratto di un giovane costretto a fare i conti con la propria ingenuità politica; l'avventura di un volenteroso altruista costretto a sentirsi sempre come uno straniero. Una narrazione che ribalta il "mito dell'uomo bianco" colonizzatore e dominatore e che s'interroga sul rapporti tra verità, vita e destino.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):

There are no pictures in this picture show but, in the spirit of photography, there are glimpses of a world frozen in time. The prolific young author of five other books is at his most precocious here, recounting his travels in 1982 in Pakistan and Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Vollman brings to the tangled politics of the Middle East his own very American brand of idealism: "If you had a message for the Americans, what would it be?" he constantly asks. Yet his courting of exiled generals, rebels and politicos--all in an effort to cross the border into the hills of Afghanistan--is informative. We learn of the great boredom that reigns in the refugee camps, and we see the abject poverty in the streets of Peshawar. What the work lacks is a coherent analysis of local and global politics being fought out. Instead, the reaction is all heart, guts and anti-Soviet sentiment. Though Vollmann who appears almost exclusively in the third person as 'the Young Man' is gently self-mocking and skeptical about American interests in the region, his report adds little to the standard State Department view that Soviet intervention was cruel and unsupported by the people. The book would have had more impact a few years ago, when Afghanistan was caught up in the Cold War. Still, readers following the current realignments in Kabul will recognize some of the rebels who figure in Vollmann's account. There is also a detailed chronology.


William T. Vollmann is one of our greatest living writers. Masterworks such as You Bright and Risen Angels, The Royal Family, and Rising Up and Rising Down—his latest work, a stunning 3,300-page tour-de-force—have launched him into the literary stratosphere. He stands today as one of America's leading contenders for a future Nobel Prize in literature.

Here is his long-awaited "best-of" collection, intended both as an introduction for the curious reader, and as a necessary addition to the existing fan's collection. With excerpts from all of Vollmann's novels (including several not yet published), journalistic pieces, essays, correspondence, and poetry, Expelled from Eden creates a unique, kaleidoscopic portrait of one of America's most notorious, protean, devastating, and necessary writers.