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The Exodus Mysteries of Midian, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz

Fritz Glen A.

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The Exodus Mysteries of Midian, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz  

Glen A. Fritz received a PhD in Environmental Geography at Texas State University in 2006. In earlier years he had studied at the Universities of Nebraska and Oklahoma, and eventually practiced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Vero Beach, FL.
His 2006 PhD dissertation, entitled The Lost Sea of the Exodus, determined that the sea referenced in the biblical Exodus, the Hebrew Yam Suph, pertained solely to the Gulf of Aqaba part of the Red Sea. This gulf separates the Sinai Peninsula from Arabia. His 2016 book, entitled The Lost Sea of the Exodus: A Modern Geographical Analysis 2nd ed., evaluated the gulf geography seeking the most suitable sea crossing site. It then presented a reconstruction of the likely Exodus route from Egypt to that point.
His 2019 book, The Exodus Mysteries: of Midian, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz, takes up where The Lost Sea book left off, tracing the Exodus route from the sea crossing to the likely position of Mount Sinai in Arabia. In the course of his research, Dr. Fritz has studied Hebrew and traveled to the Exodus region, including ancient Midian in northwest Saudi Arabia, and climbing what may have been Mount Sinai. His goal is to present geographical truths about the Exodus and expose faulty traditions that have distorted the story for centuries.