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A Portrait of Lost Tibet di Rosemary Jones Tung, Ilya Tolstoy (Photographer), Brooke Dolan

 In breve: A Portrait of Lost Tibet provides rare documentary photographs of traditional Tibetan life as it had been lived for countless generations before the radical disruption effected by the Chinese takeover. Rosemary Jones Tung's text describes the culture Ilya Tolstoy and Brooke Dolan found during their ten-month trek across Tibet in 1942. Tung has selected 131 photographs from the 2000 Tolstoy and Dolan took.

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the Sherpas of Nepal Buddhist Highlander di Von Fürer Haimendorf Christoph

 In breve: Fieldwork over the period 1953 to 1962 enables the author to see the way in which the closing of the Sherpa land. The longest of these was a six months’ visit in 1957, when he took a household census, on which nearly all his figures and percentages are based.
Una monumentale ricerca che permette di conoscere gli Sherpa la cui valle divenne passaggio verso l'Everest solo all'inizio degli anni "50.

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Trans-Himalayan Traders Economy, Society, and Culture in Northwest Nepal di Fisher James F.

 In breve: Studio di economia e antropologia condotto dall'autore che ha vissuto per sei mesi nel basso Dolpo negli anni '60.

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Nomads of Western Tibet The Survival of a Way of Life di Melvyn C. Goldstein, Cynthia M. Beall

 In breve: Bellissimo testo con fotografie interessanti sulle popolazioni fra Lhasa ed Il Kailash. Peccato che per svolgere il suo lavoro il prof. Goldstein abbia venduto l'anima ai Cinesi.

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The Green Fuse An Ecological Odyssey di Harte John

 In breve: kind of environmental Sherlock Holmes, he sleuths his way through the knotty ecocomplexes of an Alaskan stream, the Tibetan Plateau, the Florida Everglades, Pacific reefs, and a tropical forest. Each study is a self- contained vignette, giving the lay of the land; who or what is menacing the place; and proposals on how the threat could be eliminated.

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Tibetan Diary From Birth to Death and Beyond in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal di Childs Geoff H.

 In breve: In this rich and deeply personal account of life in the highlands of Nepal, Geoff Childs chronicles the daily existence of a range of people, from venerated lamas to humble householders. Offering insights into the complex dynamics of the ethnically Tibetan enclave of Nubri, Childs provides a vivid and compelling portrait of the ebb and flow of life and death, of communal harmony and discord, and of personal conflicts and social resolutions. Part ethnography, part travelogue, and part biography, Tibetan Diary is a one-of-a-kind book that conveys the tangled intricacies of a Tibetan society.

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