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Trekking in Tibet

McCue Gary

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The Mountaineers


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Trekking in Tibet

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1999 Mountaineers Books

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Trekking in Tibet
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Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet  

This is the only trekking guidebook that focuses exclusively on Tibet. It features a 16-page color photo insert, 65 b&w photos, and 15 maps.

About the Author
Free-lance trekking guide Gary McCue is based in Kathmandu. His first of many visits to Tibet came shortly after its borders opened to travelers in 1985. He has been a trek leader in the region since 1984, first in Nepal and later in Tibet. His travels have taken him to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and China.

Book Description
Bordered by the Himalaya on the south and the Karakoram on the west, Tibet offers trekkers an experience like no other. In this updated edition of Trekking in Tibet, McCue prepares us for a sojourn into this mystical, other-worldly land--presenting detailed discussions of pre-trip planning, the most rewarding treks, as well as an educational glimpse into the country's history and culture. This guide can be used for everything from a day hike near the forbidden city of Lhasa to a two-week trek in the shadow of Mount Everest's magical summit. Route information includes trek duration, distance, elevations, and highlights of the route. An invaluable Tibetan language chapter, visa and permit information, equipment and safety tips make this the definitive guidebook on trekking "the rooftop of the world."