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Tibet Handbook - a Pilgrimage Guide

Chan Victor

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Tibet Handbook - a Pilgrimage Guide

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Tibet Handbook - a Pilgrimage Guide

Tibet Handbook - a Pilgrimage Guide  

One of the best guide, but never updated.
Victor Chan has covered 42,000 kilometers in Tibet by foot, truck, bus, horse, yak, and coracle. His book includes an introductory course to spoken Tibetan, essays on Tibetan Buddhism and concepts of pilgrimage and art, and practical travel information, plus itineraries to such destinations as the 7th-century burial grounds in the Valley of the Kings at Chougye and the long-lost 11th century Xixiar Pala murals at Dranang. This is the most authorative sourcebook on one of the world's most remote and fascinating destinations.

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The author has himself covered 42,000 kilometers in Tibet on foot and by bus, truck, horse, yak, and coracle. He has written both a comprehensive trekking guide to mountain paths and plateau trails, as well as a pilgrimage guide that incorporates Tibetan literature and religious history. Thorough, detailed, authoritative. Includes maps