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The Pundits

British Exploration of Tibet and Central Asia

Waller Derek

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The University Press of Kentucky


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The Pundits: British Exploration Of Tibet And Central Asia

The Pundits  

The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India was officially instituted in 1818. In their desire to extend the survey into the Tibetan plateau, then closed territory, the British authorities trained Indian natives in surveying techniques. It was their work beyond the northern frontiers of India which resulted in the charting of over one million square miles of virtually uncharted territory, often at great risk to themselves. Waller's book is the first scholarly study of these 'Pundits', as they came to be called. Of particular relevance is chapter 6, which covers the surveying work made by Hari Ram during the 1870s in the Everest region


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I mitici Pundit, i veri esploratori dell'Himalaya e del Tibet ignoto.