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De Paris a Tonkin a travers le Tibet inconnu

Bonvalot Gabriel

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De Paris a Tonkin a travers le Tibet inconnu  

Narrative of a journey with Henry d'Orleans from Jarkent to Chamdo through the Tien Shan and Tibet in winter of 1889-90. Cf. Yakushi B220b.


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1853–1933, French explorer and author. In 1880–82 he visited central Asia, explored Kohistan, and returned to France by way of Bukhara, the Caspian sea, and the Caucasus. In 1886 he made the first crossing of the Pamirs, from Ferghana to Chitral, India. He crossed Tibet from Lop Nur to Nam Co (1889), traversed Asia from Siberia to Tonkin (1889–90), and led an official mission to Entotto, Ethiopia. His works include De Moscou en Bactriane (1884), De Paris au Tonkin à travers Tibet inconnu (1892), L’ Asie inconnue (1896), and Marco Polo (1925).