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Climbing the Fish's tail

Noyce Wilfrid

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Climbing the Fish's Tail

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Book Faith India (July 31, 1998)

Climbing the Fish's tail  

This is the record of a mountain expedition to Machhapuchhare (Nepali for "the Fish's Tail"). This mountain is so astonishing in its splendour and beauty that the author could not resist the temptation of describing it and the result is this book - written in a lucid and fascinating style.
The author's insatiable passion for the mountains and his extraordinary sensitivity to their grandeur expresses itself in all the chapters and a small poem in which he says:
Let me go climb those virgin snows,
leave the dark stain of man behind.
An unputdownable book for all climbers and mountain lovers.
"Provides an account of the 1957 ascent of the Machhapuchhare (or 'fish tail'), the mountain in the Annapurna group which overlooks Pokhara. The expedition got within 150 feet of the summit, but had to turn back because of bad weather and an ice field above them." - John Whelpton, Nepal (Clio Press)