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Touching Upon the Himalaya

Excursions and Enquiries

Aitken Bill

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Indus Publishing Company


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Touching Upon the Himalaya: Excursions and Enquiries

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Harish Kapadia

Touching Upon the Himalaya Touching Upon the Himalaya  


1. More of the Lesser
2. Kumaun's Lesser Mmajesty
3. A Modest Trek with Great Returns
4. Trek to tarang Tal
5. The Shepherds of Nanda Devi Sanctary
6. Nanda Devi Santuary Revisited, 1982
7. Nandakini in the Rains
8. The Rupkund Mystery
9. Monsoon Madness and Seven Lakes
10. The Shining Mountain
11. From Sangla to Netwar Over the Rupin
12. Zanskar via the Sarichen la
13. Gorging in Zanskar
14. A Ride Around Spiti
15. Across Arunachal on a Motorbike

16. A Ramble Through the Himalayan Club Library
17.The 1922 Everest Diary of Dr. T.G. Longstaff
18. Who Measures Mt. Everest?
19. An Enquiry into the Real name of Mt. Everest
20. The Yeti Within
21. A Lateral Approach to the Himalaya
22. A Lighter Look at the Dark Meanings
23."Seen But Not Approved"
24. Pahari Topi: "Where Did You Get That Hat?"
25. Himalayan Railways


Recensione in lingua italiana

Bill Aitken was born in Scotland in 1934, studied comparative religion at Leeds and hitch-hiked overland to India in 1959. In 1972 he became a naturalized Indian; he joined the Himalayan Club in 1981 and served as hon. Librarian. After twelve years spent in Kumaun hills he now lives in Garhwal.