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Between the Oxus and the Indus

Shomberg Reginald Charles Francis

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Martin Hopkinson


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Between the Oxus and the Indus

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Between the Oxus and the Indus  

Schomberg followed a military career and was severely wounded during World War One. He continued service until his retirement in 1928. Until 1936, when he began diplomatic work in India, he explored the regions of the North West Frontier, publishing 4 books on the subject during the 1930's. Schomberg's account of his travels in the regions of Gilgit, Punyal, Yasin and Hunza, includes chapters on the inhabitants and on the Hunza-Nagir war. An appendix deals with the history of the region.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):


The Gilgit Agency
The Fief of Punyal
The Twin States of Kuh and Ghizr
The Country of Yasin or Warshigum
Lower Yasin
The Upper Valleys of Yasin
Ishkoman and its Glaciers
The Road to Hunza and Nagir
The People and Customs of Hunza and Nagir
The People of the Gilgit Agency
The Hunza-Nagir War
Habits and Customs of the People of the Gilgit Valley
Marriage Customs
The Northern Valleys of Hunza
Darel and Tangir
The History of Gilgit
The History of Yasin
The History of Punyal and Ishkoman

Recensione in lingua italiana

L'ho trovato a Gilgit nel 1983 presso Mohammad Book Stall [Jamat Khana Bazar, Gilgit/Prop. G.M. Baig/Cultural Consultant, Trekking Organiser].