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Strolling about the Roof of the World

The First Hundred Years of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs

Leach Hugh, Irigaray Luce; Mead Kullada-Kesbooncho

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Strolling about the Roof of the World: The First Hundred Years of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs

Strolling about the Roof of the World  

This volume covers the first one hundred years of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, formerly the Royal Central Asian Society. It traces its fons et origo in the Central Asian Question, within the context of the 'Great Game', and continues its fascinating chronology through the two World Wars to the present day. There are separate chapters on its widely drawn membership, variety of activities and archive collection. Throughout the pages are glimpses and vignettes of some of its extraordinary, even eccentric, members and their astonishing adventures. The wealth of factual and often amusing detail makes it a very lively account, which is also valuable as a work of reference for all interested in Asia. The book is generously illustrated and includes some of the Society's unique archival photographs not previously published.


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Foreword Lord Hurd of Westwell
Part I The Chronology
1. Genesis, Birth and Consolidation 1901-1907
2. The Years of Struggle 1908-1919
3. From Lean Years to Golden Years 1920-1939
4. From Empire and back to Trade 1940-1959
5. Settling to a Balance 1960-2001
Part II The Membership
6. The Membership
7. The Junior Membership
Part III The Activities
8. The Journal
9. The Library
10. The Archives
11. The Dinner Club
12. A Role in Education
13. The Tours
14. The Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal
15. The Sir Percy Sykes Memorial Medal and other Society Awards Epilogue Annex of Office Holders Notes Index

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Author Biography:
Hugh Leach, OBE, has been a member of the Society for 40 years and twice served on its Council. Most of his 36 years service as a soldier and diplomat were spent between the Nile and the Euphrates. Now in retirement, he is interested in exploring between the Oxus and Jaxartes. Also on the Society's Council, Susan Farrington typed her way around the world before taking up research into British graveyards in Asia.