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Arabia Felix

The First Crossing, from 1930, of the Rub Al Khali Desert by a non-Arab

Bertram Thomas

Medio Oriente

Città - Town - Ville

Muscat (Oman)

Anno - Date de Parution


Pagine - Pages


Titolo originale

Arabia Felix - The First Crossing, from 1930, of the Rub Al Khali Desert by a non-Arab

Lingua originale

Lingua - language - langue


Edizione - Collana

Arabesque Travel; Annotated edition

Ristampa - Réédition - Reprint



Ibn Al Hamra

Arabia Felix Arabia Felix  

The epic crossing of the Rub al khali desert - the first by a non-arab, from Salalah Oman to Doha Qatar.
Thomas Bertram spent his working life from 1916, to his death in 1950 in the Arab World. In this book he describes his crossing of the vast Rub Al Khali Sand Desert from Salalah, in Dhofar Oman, though the desert to Doha, Qatar. He planned this epic adventure while working as a government minister to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman, having worked for many years in Iraq and then Jordan.
New to this edition are place-specific modern Colour photographs for context, in addition to scanned black & white images by Bertram Thomas. An introductory biography to Thomas gives background to his achievement.
Full of unexpected events and fascinating insights into the Arabian culture, this is a must-read to understand parts of Arabia as they are today.
This is a fascinating account of a groundbreaking expedition and ideal for anyone interested in Arabia and its people.


Recensione in lingua italiana

Il nome romano di "Arabia Felix" è anche il titolo del libro che narra le vicende del viaggiatore scandinavo Carsten Niebuhr, unico sopravvissuto alla spedizione sttecentesca nella penisola