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NP 109 Dolpo & Mugo

1:150.00 Trekking Map 100 Series (Double site)

Robin Boustead - Great Himalaya Trail

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Himalaya Map House


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Great Himalaya Trail

NP 109 Dolpo & Mugo NP 109 Dolpo & Mugo  

Dolpo e Mugu, mappa n. 109, a 1:150.000 è una mappa da trekking a doppia faccia, impermeabile e resistente agli strappi dell'Himalayan MapHouse nella loro serie che copre l'intero Nepal settentrionale. La mappa copre da un lato l'area da Jomsom/Jomosom e Dhaulagiri Himal a Dunai compresa la parte orientale del Parco Nazionale di Shey Phoksundo, estendendosi sul retro verso ovest per includere il resto del parco e l'area al di là di esso fino a Jumla. I percorsi evidenziati includono la parte superiore del trekking Dhaulagiri, Dolpo Trek e Dolpo Experience Circuit, Juphal (Dunai) a Julma Trek, Kagrara La trek e l'inizio del Jumla a Rara Lake Trek/B>. Sono inoltre evidenziate le sezioni rilevanti del GHT Cultural Trail e del GHT High Route. I contorni sono a intervalli di 80 m. Ogni lato ha un profilo di percorso che mostra la sezione Dolpo e Mugu dell'Alta Via GHT.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):

Dolpo and Mugu, map no. 109, at 1:150,000 on a double-sided, waterproof and tear-resistant trekking map from the Himalayan MapHouse in their series covering the whole of northern Nepal. The map covers on one side the area from Jomsom/Jomosom and Dhaulagiri Himal to Dunai including the eastern part of the Shey Phoksundo National Park, extending on the reverse westwards to include the rest of the park and the area beyond it to Jumla. Highlighted routes include the upper part of the Dhaulagiri trek, Dolpo Trek and the Dolpo Experience Circuit, Juphal (Dunai) to Julma Trek, Kagrara La trek, and the start of the Jumla to Rara Lake Trek. Also highlighted are the relevant sections of the GHT Cultural Trail and the GHT High Route. Contours are at 80m intervals. Each side has a route profile shows the Dolpo and Mugu section of the GHT High Route: between Santa and Bhijer and between Ringmo and Piplan.

Cartography in these waterproof editions, first published in 2011, is identical to what Himalayan MapHouse use in most maps in their other series, published under the Nepa Maps imprint. Contours are at intervals of 80m or 40m (please check individual descriptions), with relief shading plus colouring to show different types of terrain or vegetation. The maps show names of numerous chains, peaks glaciers, valleys, rivers, lakes, etc.

Main trekking routes are prominently highlighted, as are selected settlements along them, indicating where tourist accommodation and other services are provided. Also clearly marked are campsites or base camps and various places of interest. The maps also show other local trekking paths, often providing variants or shortcuts to the main routes. The maps are not indexed. Latitude and longitude coordinates are given as margin ticks at 5’ intervals.

Unless indicated to the contrary in its individual description, each map also includes a profile of the main trekking route(s) across its area and provides on the inside cover other relevant information, including stage-by-stage distances and timings.

The maps are published on thick, sturdy, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic.

* For maps not currently in stock please check availability of corresponding titles in the publishers’ other series under the Nepa Maps imprint. Although printed on paper, most titles are indexed and some are at larger scales and/or include enlargements.