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Culture at the Crossroads
Ahmed Monisha, Harris Clare

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Marg Publications


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Ladakh: Culture at the Crossroads

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Ladakh: Culture at the Crossroads
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Ladakh: Culture at the Crossroads


This is the first volume to combine essays on the history and the ongoing productions of the art of Ladakh and to recognize both Buddhist and Islamic contributions to the cultural environment.

Introduction ľ Monisha Ahmed and Clare Harris
1. House and Fortress ľ Traditional Building in Buddhist Ladakh
John Harrison
2. Islamic Architecture in Leh
Ghani Sheikh
3. Metalworking in Ladakh
John Clarke
4. The Turquoise Headdress of Ladakh
Ravina Aggarwal
5. Textile Arts of Ladakh: Nomadic Weaves to Silk-Brocades
Monisha Ahmed
6. Reshaping Tradition: The Life and Work of Nawang Tsering
Clare Harris
7. Recent Painting Traditions of Ladakh: Central Tibetan Styles in Far Western Tibet
David Jackson
8. A Short Biography of a Contemporary Buddhist Painter
Erberto Lo Bue


Note on Spellings
Phonetic spellings have been used throughout. Tibetan spellings are in parentheses.