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  Journey for Peace di Bauer, Manuel

 In breve: In 2005 the first three years of the Pictorial Portrait Project of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama were published in a book thanks to Volkart Foundation | Winterthur, Hamasil Foundation | Zurich and Isuke Wakamatsu | Tokyo.
Published by Koni Nordmann. With essays by Matthieu Ricard and Christian Schmidt in conversations with the Dalai Lama. Published on the occasion of the Dalai Lama’s 70th birthday on July 6, 2005

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  Manual of Standard Tibetan di Tournadre Nicolas ; Dorje Sangda

 In breve: Two CDs provide an essential oral complement to the Manual. A detailed introduction presents a linguistic overview of spoken and written Tibetan, and a lengthy appendix outlines the differences between literary and spoken Tibetan

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  An area of darkness di Naipaul Vidiadhar S.

 In breve: Traveling from the bureaucratic morass of Bombay to the ethereal beauty of Kashmir, from a sacred ice cave in the Himalayas to an abandoned temple near Madras, Naipaul encounters a dizzying cross-section of humanity: browbeaten government workers and imperious servants, a suavely self-serving holy man and a deluded American religious seeker.

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  Living Fabric di Ahmed Monisha

 In breve: Dediti alla pastorizia ed allevatori di quelle pecore un tempo produttrici di "pashmina" per il pregiato cachemere, i nomadi del Rupshu avevano sviluppato metodi di tessitura e colorazione per la produzione di tappeti, selle tibetane, mantelli e tuniche.

Weaving touches all aspects of life in eastern Ladakh, where both women and men weave, each on a different loom. Local narrative tells that the craft was bestowed by the gods, and thus all feats related to it have a close connection to the sublime.

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  My Journey to Lhasa di David Néel Alexandra

 In breve: First published in 1927, "My Journey to Lhasa" tells of the first Western woman to enter the forbidden Tibetan city of Lhasa and to have been received by the Dalai Lama. Map.

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  Peaks and lamas di Pallis Marco

 In breve: Poetico. Marco Pallis descrive una tangka di fattura squisita posta negli appartamenti dell’abate di Likir. Raffigurava Öpame, il rosso Buddha della luce infinita, assiso fra ghirlande e frutta come in “un dipinto di Crivelli" Pallis, 1939, p. 266.

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  The Universe in a Single Atom di Tensing Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama

 In breve: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, discusses his vision of science and faith working hand in hand to alleviate human suffering. He sees science and faith as "complementary but different investigative approaches with the same goal of seeking the truth."

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  Arresting God in Kathmandu di Upadhyay Samrat

 In breve: From the first Nepali author writing in English to be published in the West, Arresting God in Kathmandu brilliantly explores the nature of desire and spirituality in a changing society.

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  Indian Balm di Hyland Paul

 In breve: Indian Balm is the captivating account of a journey Paul Hyland made along the little-known course of the sacred Godavari river in Southern India: a pilgrimage through both his past and India’s present.

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  Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism di Powers John

 In breve: For a comprehensive and eminently comprehensible overview of Tibetan Buddhism, look to Power's substantial Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.Booklist

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