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Recent Research on Ladakh 8

Ladakh: Culture, History, and Development between Himalaya and Karakoram. Recent Research on Ladakh 8. Proceedings of the Eighth Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh Studies held at Moesgård

Martijn van Beek, Kristoffer Brix Bertelsen, Poul Pedersen

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Århus University


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Recent Research on Ladakh 8

Recent Research on Ladakh 8  

The International Association for Ladakh Studies
Henry Osmaston: The First Chapter John Bray
The Salt Trade: Rupshu's Annual Trek to Tso Kar Monisha Ahmed
An Eighteenth-Century Bhutanese Lama's Journey to Ladakh John Bray & Chris Butters
The Tibetanisation of European Steel Stoves in Ladakh John Clarke
Whither Ladakh Education? David Sonam Dawa
Ecological Agriculture Development and Strategies for Sustainable Development in Ladakh Mohammed Deen Darokhan
Mountain Deities among the Nomadic Communities of Kharnak (eastern Ladakh) Pascale Dollfus
Women's Development and Education in Kargil District Kaneez Fatima
Tibetan Literary Language and Ladakhi Speech: A Continuity Anandamayee Ghosh
Twin Peaks: The Two Shi'ite Factions of the Suru Valley Nicola Grist
The smyung gnas Fast in Zangskar: How Liminality Depends on Structure Kim Gutschow
Gender, Modernization, and Change in Ladakh Katherine E. Hay
Yangthang in West Ladakh: an Analysis of the Economic and Socio-cultural Structure of a Village and Its Relation with Its Monastery Reinhard Herdick
Ancient Painted Pottery from Ladakh Neil Howard
The Scope of Tourism in Kargil District Mohd. Jaffar Akhoon
The Wrath of Rahu: Remarks on the Observation of Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Ladakh Michael Khoo & Tsering Norbu Martse
Csoma Körösi's Guides in Tibetan Learning from Rdzong khul dgon-pa, Zangs dkar, with special reference to Tshul khrims rgya mthso P.J. Marczell
The Foremost Teachers of the Kings of Ladakh Nawang Tsering Shakspo
Muslim-Buddhist Relations in a Ritual Context: An Analysis of the Muharram Procession in Leh Township, Ladakh David Pinault
Kargil: An Introduction to the District and the Youth Voluntary Forum Mohd. Raza Abbasi
The Trade in Pashm and Its Impact on Ladakh's History Janet Rizvi
Economic Conditions in Ladakh during the Dogra Period Abdul Ghani Sheikh
Balawaristan and Other ImagiNations: a Nationalist Discourse in the Northern Areas of Pakistan Martin Sökefeld
Economic Development of Ladakh: Need for a New Strategy Sonam Dawa
Hanu Village: a Symbol of Resistance Sonam Phuntshog Achinapa
Women's Development in Ladakh Spalzes Angmo
Borrowed Language: Passive Assimilation or Active Integration of Modern Concepts Bettina Zeisler
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