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Recent Research on Ladakh 4 & 5

Proceedings of the Fourth and Fifth International Colloquia on Ladakh. Bristol 1989 & London 1992

Osmaston Henry, Denwood Philip

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SOAS Studies


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Recent Research on Ladakh 4 & 5

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Recent Research on Ladakh 4 & 5

Recent Research on Ladakh 4 & 5  


4th Colloquium (Bristol 1989)

Henry Osmaston- Introduction
John Clarke - Survey of Metalworking in Ladakh
John Crook - Ecology and Culture in the Adaptive Radiation of Tibetan Speaking Peoples in the Himalayas
Philip Denwood - William Moorcroft: an Assessment
Jamyang Gyaltsen - Monks of Mangtro Gompa
Kath Howard - Archaeological Notes on mChod-rten Types in Ladakh and Zanskar from the 11th - 15th Centuries
Neil Howard - The Fortified Places of Zanskar
Patrick Kaplanian - L'homme dans le monde surnaturel du Ladakh
David Mallon & Roger Prodon - Ecology and Conservation in Ladakh
Gudrun Meier - Sozialstrukturen in Hunza (Pakistan)
Henry Osmaston - Farming, Nutrition & Health in Ladakh, Tibet & Lowland China
Nigel Padfield - Child Health and Nutrition in some Ladakhi Villages
Abby Ripley - Food as Ritual
Robert Roaf - Ladakh in 1936
Nawang Tsering Shakspo - The Significance of Khusho in the Cultural History of Ladakh
Abdul Ghani Sheikh - A Brief History of Muslims in Ladakh
Harjit Singh - Ecological Set-up and Agrarian Structure of High Altitude Villages of Ladakh
Nawang Tsering - The Fate of Traditional Education in Ladakh
Rohit Vohra - Early History of Ladakh: Mythic Lore and Fabulation
Kulbhushan Warikoo - Gateway to Central Asia: the Transhimalayan Trade of Ladakh 1846-1947

Fifth Colloquium (London 1992):

Philip Denwood - Introduction
John Bray - Kasmir, Ladakh and Western Tibet: Episodes in Frontier Diplomacy during British Rule in India
James Crowden - Development and Change in Zangskar 1977-1989
Philip Denwood - The Tibetanisation of Ladakh: the Linguistic Evidence
Pascale Dollfus - Ethnohistoire des musulmans du Ladakh central
Nicky Grist - Moorcroft's Contribution to Ladakh Studies
Kim Gutschow - Kinship in Zangskar: Idiom and Practice
Neil Howard - Military Aspects of the Dogra Conquest of Ladakh 1834-1839
Bernard le Calloc'h - Historical Background of Csoma de K˘r÷s's sojourn in Ladakh 1834-1839
Peter Marczell - Boddhisattva Csoma de K˘r÷s: Myth or Reality?
Gudrun Meier - A.H. Francke - a "Brother in Spirit" to Alexander Csoma de K˘r÷s
Elizabeth Tˇth - A Source Used by Alexander Csoma de K˘r÷s for his Tibetan Studies (Giorgi, Alphabetum Tibetanum)
Mark Trewin - The Politics of Ladakhi Song: Three versions of a praise song attributed to Morup Stanzin, c. 1825
Rohit Vohra - Arabic Inscriptions of the Late First Millennium A.D. from Tangtse in Ladakh 419


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Proceedings of the Fourth and Fifth International Colloquia on Ladakh. Bristol 1989 & London 1992