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India del nord

12° edizione

Noble John , Mchael Benanav, Abigail Blasi, Brown Lindsay, Paul Harding

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India del Nord

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Guide EDT/Lonely Planet


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India del nord EDT
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Lonely Planet India (Lonely Planet India)

India del nord India del nord  

Dalla città di Fatehpur Sikri al fascino dell'atmosfera coloniale inglese, ancora tangibile nelle città di Darjeling e Shimla. Se poi la vostra passione è la natura, l'incontaminato mondo della Corbett Tiger Reserve e le vette innevate dell'Himalaya vi avvolgeranno in un'atmosfera fuori dal tempo, lontana dalla rutilante e colorata realtà quotidiana della capitale New Delhi. La guida contiene inoltre sezioni dedicate al buddhismo, ai luoghi di pellegrinaggio, all'architettura islamica e mogul; una guida linguistica e un pratico glossario; 111 cartine di facile consultazione; informazioni su viaggio e trasporti.


Recensione in altra lingua (English):

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, if you're going there chances are Lonely Planet has been there first. With a pithy and matter-of-fact writing style, these guides are guaranteed to calm the nerves of first-time world travelers, while still listing off-the-beaten-path finds sure to thrill even the most jaded globetrotters. Lonely Planet has been perfecting its guidebooks for nearly 30 years and as a result, has the experience and know-how similar to an older sibling's "been there" advice. The original backpacker's bible, the LP series has recently widened its reach. While still giving insights for the low-budget traveler, the books now list a wide range of accommodations and itineraries for those with less time than money.
Explore the myriad wonders of India with this useful guide in hand. Whether you wish to cruise the backwaters of Kerala on the rooftop of a ferry, explore the Buddhist gompas of Leh, drink Darjeeling's namesake tea, get lost in the dusty bazaars of Hyderabad, or stroll the 16th-century ruins in Hampi, this book will help you get there. Highlights include more than 200 traveler-tested maps, thousands of places to stay and eat for all budgets, excellent health information, all you need to know about transportation options, and a 32-page color section on India's religions. --Kathryn True --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description:
India is as spectacular and as diverse as a Bollywood movie - colorful, exuberant, exciting and loud. This top-selling guide is better than any blockbuster at conjuring up the highlights, be it soaring Himalayan peaks or sun-soaked Keralan beaches.

• feast your eyes on the sights in our 16-page color highlights section • tease your tastebuds with reviews of thousands of restaurants and cafes • meet and greet the locals using our handy language chapter • find your way with 218 maps, including a full-color country map • follow the safest path with our vital information on health risks, scams and regions in conflict

Recensione in lingua italiana

un'esempio di nota negativa su
As mentioned earlier, this book can seem to easy to knock because of its veneration by the wide eyed and uncool. I recommend this book for travel information, ie buses, trains, etc., for the first time visitor. I disrecommend it for its recommendations of hotels and eateries. India is a land overflowing with places to stay and eat, and those mentioned in this book are full of aforementioned hordes of the 'uncool', and correpondingly overpriced.
I also disrecommend it because info on local points of interest leave a little
to be desired, the tone of the authors is often a little smug, and by buying this book you are funding the ruination of hard found havens by the unwashed hippy masses. But I suppose that's inevitable.